The Solar Energy Solution for Residential Complexes

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The Solar Energy Solution for Residential Complexes.

Meet Sam. Sam owns a home in a sectional title complex. Did you know that your complex uses electricity while you’re at work?

For those things that run 24/7 such as the communal swimming pool, clubhouse, garden services, lights, electric fencing, as well as your fridges and geysers.

The energy used by communal property is paid for by the body corporate and forms part of your levies.

How does it work?

A residential complex has a bulk meter that measures how much electricity the complex uses.

The energy that comes from the utility passes through the bulk meter and then through each unit’s own meter.

This is where SolarAfrica comes in. They install solar panels at no cost, to provide daytime power to the complex.

Energy generated by these panels feeds the complex, reducing the amount of traditional energy purchased from the grid. So while Sam makes use of solar energy during the day, his electricity bill won’t change, and all the savings generated will go to the body corporate.

With less use of traditional energy and lower-cost energy generated by the solar panels, the body corporate ends up saving.

These savings can be used for general maintenance or upgrades on things like electric fences, parks and swimming pools or even pass this benefit through cheaper levies. Everyone benefits.

Now Sam’s complex can build that lekker communal braai he’s been wanting for years, so he can finally meet the lady in number 23.

SolarAfrica – the better energy choice.

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