Your Green Energy Journey Guide

Planning your organisation’s green energy road map is easier than it seems. Fill in our green energy goals questionnaire.

The advantage of green energy solutions for your business

Green energy solutions like solar or biogas are not only more sustainable but can result in significant cost savings. When coupled with battery storage or gas-to-power solutions, they can also reduce the risk of interruptions to your power supply, positively impacting your bottom line.

Unpacking the three primary benefits of green energy

  • Environmental: Investing in green energy will help your organisation reach its ESG objectives and reduce carbon emissions.

  • Power security: A full green energy solution (including backup batteries) will help you achieve power security and reduce the risk of interruptions to your productivity from power outages and loadshedding.

  • Cost savings: Renewable energy sources deliver a significant reduction on your monthly electricity bills. This, coupled with optimal productivity (due to better power security), will have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Start the green energy goals questionnaire!

Our team of experts have put together a handy questionnaire based on the above three main benefits of green or renewable energy solutions.

By answering a few simple questions, we will help you understand your primary green energy goal as a business, and point you towards the best solution (or combination of products) to help you achieve your objectives.

Once you have completed the questionnaire, you will receive an email from one of our green energy specialists with your results and our recommendations based on your unique requirements.

How SolarAfrica partners with you on your green energy journey

The SolarAfrica team brings together their financial and technical expertise to provide the best green energy solutions for businesses that are high-energy consumers (with a monthly electricity bill of R95 000 or more). Our diversified offering provides a holistic approach to solar solutions which meets the long-term sustainable needs of our customers.

Learn more about our green energy solutions

The PPA relationship is unique in that the customer doesn’t own the solar energy system, but they reap the full benefits of the electricity it generates. The solar service provider will purchase, possess, and maintain the solar panels, batteries, inverters, and performance monitoring systems. The customer will only pay for the electricity that it consumes, and at a rate that can be 50% cheaper than the market.

That means your business gets green, cheap electricity without having to worry about buying equipment or maintaining it.

We provide financed and cash purchase solar solutions for commercial and industrial businesses.

As industry experts in PPAs, our financed solution delivers long-term savings to businesses, enabling reduced monthly electricity costs and carbon emissions. Our turnkey solar service includes the operations, maintenance, performance monitoring, and insurance of the photovoltaic (PV) system ensuring optimum performance to provide the highest cost savings.

With solar being the lowest levelised cost of energy and easily integratable with other sources of energy, our journey to greening your business begins here.

Our solar energy solutions make it easy for your business to take control of your energy use, save money on electricity bills, and achieve your sustainability goals.

Improve your power security with battery storage–giving you an immediate and uninterrupted power supply.

Our integrated battery solution creates a smart mini-grid which enables your business to operate independently of the national grid. Batteries can also be used to store excess energy and reduce your base load by using solar to run your business during sun hours and batteries during high-peak periods which will significantly reduce costs. 

Battling for space to install solar PV? We have a sustainable, off-site solution for you… Wheeling.

Wheeling transfers electricity from the location it was generated to another location to be consumed. Most often, the areas where the sun is the most powerful and solar PV generates the highest yield, are not the same areas where power is required the most.

A virtual PPA provides an off-site solar solution that enables a business to receive solar energy without physically installing a solar system on your premises.

As one of the first private electricity trading companies in South Africa, our trading solution enables us to source competitively-priced, predominantly renewable power from multiple IPPs and small-scale generators, transport or ‘wheel’ this energy across the national and municipal grid networks, and sell it to customers at a discount to prevailing electricity tariffs.

Flexible contracting periods allow you to move away from long tenors, providing a more tailored PPA solution suited to your business needs. Our diversified service offering is focused on renewable energy sources to provide improved security of supply, attractive electricity tariffs for consumers, and revenue protection for municipalities.

Our gas-to-power solution is easily integrated with solar PV to provide additional electricity savings that enable demand reduction and peak shaving opportunities. Gas-driven engines or turbines use cheaper, cleaner energy to power your operations (as opposed to diesel generators) and will contribute to power security for your business.

Combined heat and power (CHP)  technology is a significant component of the gas-to-power solution that uses wasted heat generated from the gas engines and repurposes it back into the manufacturing process, enabling further reduced tariffs.

Biogas is a renewable energy source produced by the breakdown of organic matter such as plant material. Naturally grown plants, such as Vetiver, are used as the raw materials to produce biogas which is a sustainable alternative to using other gas options.

Our utility-scale biogas production facility is under development with the intention of providing additional gas resources given the impending gas shortage the country faces. The large-scale facility will enable rural development through farming, facilitating job creation, as well as more gas-to-power solutions.

Achieve your environmental goals with a certificate that legally accounts for your renewable electricity generation and its attributes, whether installed on your premises or purchased elsewhere.

Renewable energy certificates are a flexible tool to help your business reach its green energy targets and lower your emissions associated with purchased electricity.

Through our holistic energy solution offering, we’re able to provide Renewable Energy Certificates from different sources to supplement your business’ green energy requirements to promote your sustainability efforts and justify your reduction in carbon emissions.

How to choose a solar solutions provider

Switching to solar is a big decision. Selecting the right solar partner with a solution that is fit for purpose and meets your company’s needs requires serious consideration. 

There are several factors to consider when selecting a solar provider:

  • Skills and expertise
  • Proven history of results
  • Product range and quality
  • Correct size solar system for your needs (fit for purpose)
  • Financial security (if you are opting to finance your solar solution via a power purchase agreement)
  • Insurance
  • System maintenance/after-sales support

Read our full article, How to choose the right solar energy partner, for more tips when evaluating solar energy proposals.

How to choose a solar solutions provider

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