SolarAfrica delivers East Africa’s largest industrial solar system

SolarAfrica delivers East Africa’s largest industrial solar system

The PV hybrid system will supply 22% of Kenya’s largest salt factory’s electricity demand.

SolarAfrica has announced the official handover of the 991 kWp PV hybrid system developed for Kenya’s largest, most progressive salt producer, Krystalline Salt Limited. The bespoke solar solution will generate approximately 1.6 gigawatt-hours of electricity per year, saving Krystalline around 22% of their electricity costs.

SolarAfrica partnered with SMA Sunbelt and Kenyan based installation partners, Harmonic Systems to construct and execute the project efficiently and to the highest industry standard, resulting in the project being completed two months ahead of schedule.

Advanced technology ensures the effective integration of the SMA Fuel Save Controller with the PV system, grid electricity and diesel generators allowing for complete utilisation of solar power for the factory.

The system will offset 1 268 tonnes of CO2, and in hybrid operation the system will reduce approximately 24 000 litres of diesel each year, eliminating an additional 62 tonnes of carbon emissions. Not only will the newly developed system reduce Kaysalt’s carbon footprint but the surrounding communities also benefited due to job creation during the construction phase of the project.

“Even while constructing the factory, we had planned space for a PV system to reduce our carbon footprint and the amount of electricity generated with diesel generators. As members of the UNGC, we are committed to the Global Sustainability Goals, in this case SDG7. Sustainable production and clean energy solutions are always in our minds. I am very happy that the PV Hybrid System entered operation ahead of schedule and we can save 22% of our annual electricity costs in the future thanks to a 55% solar power share during daylight hours” said Deepak Patel, Managing Director of Krystalline Salt Limited.

The project made use of the JCM Financing Programme run by the government of Japan, “We are very pleased to see this project come together in such a short period of time, given the many challenges in doing a project in rural Africa. We believe this project will greatly contribute to the joint efforts between the Kenyan and Japanese governments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions under the bilaterally agreed Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM)”, says Noriko Ishibashi, researcher of Pacific Consultants Co. Ltd from Japan.

“As the project developer, it has been a privilege to play a part in Kaysalt achieving their sustainability goals, and by making use of the JCM grant, delivering the solar system at the required ROI. We congratulate Kaysalt for making use of a cleaner energy alternative. Kaysalt has clearly set a new standard for industrial power users to follow. We at SolarAfrica are passionate about solar energy and will continue to offer innovative clean energy solutions to enable commercial and industrial power users to effortlessly convert to solar.” Johan Pienaar, Commercial Director of SolarAfrica.

With another commercial project being completed in Africa, SolarAfrica continues to emerge as a leader in providing solar solutions for private commercial and industrial users.

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