SolarAfrica wins prestigious African Solar Company of the Year award for the 2nd time

Best African solar company

South African based SolarAfrica has been recognised as one of the continent’s leading solar energy firms for the 2nd time at the Africa Solar Industry Association (AFSIA) awards held in Nairobi on 5 October. The AFSIA awards celebrate companies and individuals that contribute to promoting and advancing the use of solar across Africa in its full diversity.

As the only company to have received this award twice, SolarAfrica’s win came in recognition of the company’s two-year product transformation journey, going from a single-solution provider of solar Power Purchase Agreements to offering a comprehensive suite of holistic energy solutions that are designed to address businesses’ energy needs today whilst setting them up for a greener future tomorrow. With a wide mix of energy solutions that include solar, battery storage, wheeling, electricity trading, gas-to-power, biogas and renewable energy certificates, SolarAfrica is leading the way by enabling businesses in Southern Africa to advance in their green energy journeys and become more sustainable operations.

“To be recognised once again as the African Solar Company of the Year makes me incredibly proud of the impact we are making to South Africa’s sustainable energy mix”, says SolarAfrica Chief Executive Officer David McDonald. “Since winning the award in 2021, the SolarAfrica team has brought some incredible achievements to life, but what I am most proud of is how we have maintained our coveted culture and core values during a period of extreme growth. This is often a challenge for many businesses.”

“We have gone to great lengths to progress on our innovation journey by expanding our product offering and launching a comprehensive suite of holistic energy solutions that enable cost savings, power security and carbon reduction. This has led to us becoming an all-inclusive energy solutions provider – a first for South Africa,” he adds.

The win also comes fresh on the heels of the company’s merger with Starsight Energy. With SolarAfrica serving the group’s Southern African market segment, the award is testament to the group’s vision of becoming the leading pan-African clean energy platform, providing on- and off-site renewable energy solutions to commercial and industrial customers. “As a group, our mission is to take more customers across Africa on a green energy journey that solves their power requirements and enables a sustainable future,” says Group Chief Investment Officer, Charl Alheit. “Winning this award is one of many significant achievements that continues to position us as leaders in our field.”

With more than 270 employees and 800+ projects across sub-Saharan Africa, the group is set to continue on its growth journey by expanding its robust portfolio – already consisting of 520 MW+ solar power generation, 60 MWh+ battery storage and 19 115 HP+ cooling capacity. This has provided more than 360 000 tonnes in carbon reduction to its customers thus far.

“Our journey has been incredibly exciting. As we look towards the future, we are excited to continue being leaders in making renewable energy a tangible reality for businesses that couldn’t access it before, ”concludes McDonald.

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