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Reduce your electricity costs with solar power

Get a solar energy system installed on your roof at no cost. Only pay for the power you use, and receive 24/7 performance monitoring, monthly maintenance, all-inclusive insurance and save from day one.

Why a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?​

Our turnkey solar service provides peace of mind that the system on your roof is always maintained, monitored, insured, and performing at it’s optimum to provide the highest customer savings.

How does it work?


Complete the contact form on our website and look out for our email with the next steps.


We require monthly electricity bills, the physical address and how many days your business operates to confirm your tariff and consumption size.


This data is analysed by our engineering team to generate a solar energy proposal with a solar tariff and customer savings.


Once the proposal is accepted, we’ll conduct a technical review of your property to complete the final design and working operations of the system.


Upon final signature, the solar system will then be installed at your premises. Our team only utilises Tier 1 solar equipment.

6. SAVE​​

Congratulations on going green! The best part is you start saving from day one and only pay for the power you use.

How do I save with solar electricity?​

We charge a solar tariff that is up to 30% cheaper than normal grid tariffs. You only pay for the power you use.

Businesses that use large amounts of daytime power and operate 5 – 7 days weekly are likely to generate the highest savings.

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