Battery storage

Solar and storage make the perfect partnership. Battery storage enhances solar’s power beyond its daytime capabilities creating a multitude of possibilities.

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Immediate power supply for your business

Commercial battery storage solutions provide clean and reliable energy for your business, ensuring you continue to receive your electricity when you need it most.

When the power goes off, so does your business. Load-shedding can disrupt your operations and cause serious financial damage. Reduce your dependence on the grid with our battery storage solutions.


Create your own smart mini-grid

Our integrated battery solution creates a smart mini-grid which enables your business to operate independently of the national grid and provide a level of grid autonomy by responding with the speed and flexibility required to keep your real-time operations live.

This means that your business’s electricity supply won’t be affected by power outages and avoid any future downtime or product wastage costs.

Energy storage solutions allow you to benefit from moving your power around to suit your individual business needs, moving your energy from high consumption to low consumption periods or storing renewable energy for night time use can significantly reduce costs.

Reduce your carbon emissions and future energy costs with a battery solution that is based on a fixed monthly payment and requires zero Capex. We provide an availability guarantee so there’s no risk to your business. Our storage solution covers demand management, renewable smoothing and stable power supply through power factor correction and voltage control.



No capex investment

Requires zero capital investment

Reduce outage costs

Avoid manufacturing and production downtime

Power security

Immediate and reliable power for your business

Demand reduction

Balance variable loads to reduce unnecessary peaks

Peak shaving

Use renewable energy during peak periods to reduce costs

Time Of Use arbitrage

Charge your battery during off peak periods when electricity costs are cheapest

Renewable smoothing

Charge or discharge your battery based on PV production versus load consumption to enable smoothing

Hedge a larger percentage of power costs

Avoid future price escalations by securing a fixed price of renewable energy


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