We produce cost-effective, low-carbon biogas for your business. Go green by using biogas as a direct replacement for natural gas to power your operations.


Climate-friendly alternative to
fossil fuels

Biogas is a renewable energy source produced by the breakdown of organic matter such as plant material.

Naturally, purpose-grown crops are used as raw materials to produce biogas, creating valuable socioeconomic and environmental benefits for our planet.

Purpose-grown crops which will be used as raw materials to produce biogas

Secure your energy supply with green gas

Reduce your carbon footprint and enable a sustainable future for your business by switching to green gas.

Biogas plant and farm in green fields against sunset. Renewable energy from biomass. Aerial view to modern agriculture in Czech Republic and European Union.

Our utility-scale biogas production facility is under development with the intention to provide additional gas resources given the impending gas shortage the country faces.

Secure your energy supply with a biogas solution that is cost-effective, reduces your carbon emissions and can be produced in abundance to meet your ongoing energy demands. Our large scale facility will enable rural development through farming, facilitating job creation as well as more gas-to-power solutions.



No capex investment

Requires zero capital investment

Cost-effective green gas

Pay less for green gas compared to natural gas prices

Achieve sustainability goals

Reduce your carbon emissions and reach your green energy targets

Price security

Avoid future price escalations by securing a fixed price for green gas


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