Electricity trading

Purchase cheaper, greener private electricity with flexible contracting periods.


Attractive electricity tariffs

As a SolarAfrica group company, Enpower Trading is one of the first private power trading entities in South Africa. The company sources competitively priced, predominantly renewable power and sells it to customers at a discount to prevailing electricity tariffs.

Enpower’s diversified service offering is focused on renewable energy sources that provide improved security of supply, attractive electricity tariffs for consumers and revenue protection for municipalities.

Solar panels with wind turbines behind the solar system. There is a mountain range in the background and clouds overhead.

Private power trading

Enpower Trading is a reliable off-taker of excess generation and purpose built plants. Through a digital platform, they provide an end-to-end solution that seamlessly delivers renewable energy to large consumers.

Enpower’s attractive and stable power tariffs are achieved through low-cost embedded solar generation and a diversified portfolio of supply options that capture excess power from rooftop solar generation, power purchase agreements with IPPs, imported hydropower and bulk purchases from Eskom plants.

The access to private power is now in your hands. Move away from long tenures and select a tailored PPA solution with flexible contracting periods that are suited to your business needs.



No capex investment

Requires zero capital investment

Cheaper electricity rates

Pay less for electricity compared to current grid tariffs

Achieve sustainability goals

Reduce your carbon emissions and reach your green energy targets

Contract flexibility

Avoid long tenures with flexible contracts

Management & reporting

Get access to a smart energy platform with performance monitoring, reporting, contract management and monthly reconciliations


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