Power your business using gas-driven engines or turbines that produce cheaper, cleaner energy.


Integrated with solar PV

A reliable power security solution that easily integrates with solar to provide additional electricity savings, enabling demand reduction and peak shaving opportunities.

By switching to gas-powered sources your business can emit between 50% – 70% less CO2, helping you reach your sustainability targets whilst keeping your real time operations live when the grid is down.

Ground-mount solar system with a Gas-to-Power plant behind it

Combined heat and power (CHP)

A combined heat and power system is a significant component of the gas-to-power solution that uses otherwise wasted heat and repurposes it back into the manufacturing process enabling further reduced tariffs.

CHP works by converting gas into electricity through a generator, the heat generated during this process is captured and used to power your on-site operations. Reduce your dependency on the grid with cheaper electricity and a stable energy supply that lowers your risk of disruption and production downtime.



No capex investment

Requires zero capital investment

Cheaper electricity rates

Pay up to 50% less for electricity compared to current grid tariffs

Achieve sustainability goals

Reduce your carbon emissions and reach your green energy targets

Power security

Immediate and reliable power for your business

Demand reduction

Balance variable loads to reduce unnecessary peaks

Peak shaving

Use renewable energy during peak periods to reduce costs


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